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    The Accellion attack impacted University of California (UC), as it previously disclosed in early April. To get the latest information about this event, our response, and available credit protection services, please visit this page

    UC Merced Moves Up Eight Spots on International Young University Rankings
    UC Merced continues to demonstrate academic success, as it was announced today (June 23) that the university ascended to No. 57 on the international 2021 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, moving up eight places from last year. This...


    Grants, Accolades and Awards

    "Clarissa!" exclaimed Mr. Bergan, rebukingly. "I never heard Dr. Remy speak ill of anybody, in all my acquaintance with him."Third-year Ph.D. student Brittany Lopez Barreto has been named a NASA Future Investigator in Earth Space Science and Technology, known as the NASA FINESST program. Her proposal on wildfire and water supply was selected from 835 highly competitive proposals, 351 of which were in Earth Science. The program provides three-year research grants to graduate students who design and perform projects relevant to NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Lopez Barreto is a first-generation...

    Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciencegraduate student Haoyu Niu is one of 24 scientists selected for this year's Bayer Grants4Ag program. He beat out over 600 proposals from around the world.

    Hubert Arling came forward to Bergan's side. "I can settle the question for you," said he. "Congratulate her, and scold us. We brought her down, chair and all; she did not touch foot to the floor in the transit."Parasitic nematodes can cause up to 20 percent of annual yield losses for walnut growers. But Niu is aiming to curb those losses through the early detection of nematode infestations with Scio, combining cutting-edge field devices with machine learning algorithms.

    "Oh, Diva, you know that is not what I mean! How do you like him?"With the rigid self-control that always characterized him, therefore, he now put aside, as far as might be, his own hopes and plans, and set himself diligently to the work of completing the will, in accordance with the Major's instructions, and to his entire satisfaction. He did not even move a muscle when, in due time, the Major dictated a paragraph to the effect that if Carice should not survive him, or should die without issue, the estate should fall to a distant cousin, now in Europe, whose sole claim to his consideration appeared to be that he bore the family name. The doctor was proof against any further shocks, this evening. Fate had done her worst for him, in forcing him to write "Carice Bergan," where he had confidently expected to write "Astra Lyte," and to find his account in so doing....

    The queen went to her own apartment to fetch it. I ran in to her there for a moment. She was out of her senses, wringing her hands, crying incessantly, and exclaiming, O God, my son, my son! Breath failed me. I fell fainting into the arms of Madam Sonsfeld. The queen took the writing-desk to the king. He immediately broke it open and tore out the letters, with which he went away. The queen came back to us. We were comforted by the assurance, from some of the attendants, that my brother at least was not dead.Frederick was elated with his victory. He had taken three thousand three hundred prisoners, twenty-one cannon, and twenty-two standards. He had added to the renown of his name, and strengthened his hold upon Silesia.Political Science Professor Jessica Trounstines book, Segregation By Design, is the basis for a new initiative by the Association of Bay Area Governments/Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Trounstine and her research team will assess and catalog data in each of the 109 jurisdictions to develop metrics that identify politicies likely to have contributed to housing...

    Research Publications

    The nephew of Elizabeth, and her successor, Peter III., was a very warm admirer of Frederick. One of his first acts was to send to the Prussian king the assurance of his esteem and friendship. Peter immediately released all the Prussian prisoners in his dominions, entered into an armistice with Frederick, which529 was soon followed by a treaty of alliance. The two sovereigns commenced a very friendly correspondence. Frederick returned all the Russian prisoners, well clothed and fed, to their homes. The change was almost as sudden and striking as the transformations in the kaleidoscope. On the 23d Peter issued a decree that there was peace with Prussia, that he had surrendered to his Prussian majesty all the territorial conquests thus far made, and had recalled the Russian armies.Anthropology Professor Robin Maria DeLugan has published a new book titled "Remembering Violence: How Nations Grapple With Their Difficult Pasts." The book examines how commemorations of 1930s violence in El Salvador, Spain and the Dominican Republic bring attention to 20th century dictatorship and authoritarianism. DeLuganargues that the focus on historical memory is an attempt to confront and also transform the meaning of national belonging.

    That is not the question, I answered. The question is, whether such a being as God can, or can not, give existence to what, as yet, has none.DeLugan will discuss the case studies, as well as the lessons that may apply to the Central Valley and the United States, during a virtual event on Thursday, June 3, at 6 p.m. People can register for the free event online.

    My discourse, she writes, produced its effect. He melted into tears, and could not answer me for sobs. He explained his thoughts by his embracings of me. Making an effort at length, he said, I am in despair that I did not know thee. They had told me such horrible talesI hated thee as much as I now love thee. If I had addressed myself direct to thee I should have escaped much trouble, and thou too. But they hindered me from speaking. They said that thou wert ill-natured as the devil, and wouldst drive to extremities, which I wanted to avoid. Thy mother, by her intriguings, is in part the cause of the misfortunes of the family. I have been deceived and duped on every side. But my hands are tied. Though my heart is torn in pieces, I must leave these iniquities unpunished.Materials Science and Engineering Professor Jennifer Lu is part of a team of researchers whose work on porous carbon aerogels could power future missions to Mars. Building upon her previous work, Lu took the lead with her colleagues at Merced nAnomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing (MACES), UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to show how porous carbon aerogels can compose electrodes of a supercapacitor a device that can operate at extremely cold temperatures, similar to the conditions on Mars. Find out more about Lus work in Physics World.

    "Saddle the roan, and take him round to the front gate," said Doctor Remy. "Mr. Arling will ride him to Savalla, You will go after him, by the stage, this afternoon. Quick now!"Materials Science and Engineering Professor Sarah Kurtz was invited to write an article for the 50th anniversary edition of the National Academy of Engineers (NAE) quarterly magazine The Bridge. In 2020, Kurtz was the first faculty member on campus elected to the NAE for her contributions to the development of gallium indium phosphide/gallium arsenide photovoltaic cells and for her leadership in solar-cell reliability and quality. Read her article for The Bridge titled Accelerating Growth of Solar Energy here.



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